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There are many factors to consider when choosing your hardwoods.  Price, style and overall durability are the most common factors we are asked about.  Having a basic understanding of wood grade classifications and the types of hardwood species available should help you in your decision process. 

Hardwood Grades

Hardwood lumber is usually graded on the basis of the size and number of cuttings (pieces) that can be obtained from a board when it is cut up and used in the manufacturing process. The grading system was designed to provide a measurable percentage of clear, defect-free wood for each grade. The upper grades provide the user with long clear pieces, while the Common grades are designed to be re-sawn into shorter clear pieces.  The grading of sawn wood into categories as it is processed helps to determine to a large extent the value and potential use possible for each board of sawn lumber.  Grading rules provide both the buyer and seller with a consistent language to use in specifying hardwood costs.

Hardwood Style

No.1 Common White Oak

Hardwood Style

No.2 Common White Oak

Hardwood Style

Clear White Oak

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Select White Oak

Hardwood Style

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